Summer Sessions  2020

June 29 - Aug 7

The STI summer camp is an intensive program for children and young adults with motor disabilities.
Each session meets five days per week (except holidays), three or four hours per day.
A typical Steps to Independence class will include activities such as practicing standing, sitting, and walking skills using specially-designed furniture and physical aids, including one-on-one assistance by the conductor or aide when necessary.
Playing games with peers, moving to music,  solving puzzles,  participating in craft projects which promote
fine-motor skill development,  snack time which encourages the development of self-care skills
(for example, washing up before and after, and self-feeding) also part of the program.
STI’s summer camp is a truly unique experience.
Teacher-student ratios vary, but definitely favor the child. Steps to Independence classes usually fall in the range of
1 teacher to 2-3 students.
Steps to Independence is very often recognized by school districts and the program can be listed on the student's IEP as an ESY placement.


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